Variable Barcodes and Numbering For the Forms and Labels That You Use In Your Company

The invention and application of a fully systematic way of using barcodes and numbering have made the lives of manufacturers, distributors and retailers a lot easier. You could only imagine that back then, when these systems were still not used by businesses, the owners probably had severe headaches when they were trying to keep track of their products. But right now that problem is already non-existent. Business owners will never have to worry about having a hard time in tracking the location or the flow of their products and it’s all because the barcodes and numbering system.

Barcode tag (fabricated mock up)

Variable barcodes and numbering are actually being applied in different areas depending on which industry it is being used. But commonly they are being used in the production line, distribution, retail, and also in checking for the supply and demand of a certain product.

Production Line– a component of a product or even the product itself will be issued a barcode and or a number as it progresses down the production line. On fully automated production lines, the barcode is constantly scanned so that the computer system will be able to monitor its progress until it is ready for distribution.  Aside from that, the barcode also helps a manufacturer to have an accurate record of the quantity of the products which they have manufactured including the exact time and date in which they were manufactured.

Distribution– without barcodes it would be impossible for a computer system to lorry boxes or even crates of products which are up for distribution especially if it is large scale. Another essential purpose of barcodes is that it contains information such as the allocated address of a retailer or an individual customer thus making the distributor more efficient in delivering products.  They also help a lot in easier tracking of the products while they are on transit.     

Retail – One of main purpose of barcodes in the retail process is that it simplifies the sales process. The best example of how they are applied is when a check out operator scans the bar code on each product to register its price on the computer.


Supply and Demand – the barcodes on products or on forms issued on each transaction of a business is also the primary tool used by companies to know which items or services are selling the most. In terms of products, the barcodes on them are used by the business owners which ones are selling good and should be replenished right away.

Forms with numbers are barcodes are widely used by companies all over the world for the sole purpose of simplifying how the track of almost everything that happens in the business, be it the sales that they make or the transaction that they were able to make in a specified period of time. But the application of forms which are custom printed with variable barcodes and numbering is absolutely not limited to that. They can actually be used at anything that a business owner wants.

Another example of how forms with variable barcode and numbering are applied in business is for security purposes.

Here are the common security capabilities of barcodes:

–          Anti-tampering of products

–          Prevent duplication of important documents

–          Verification of original products

–          Verification of the authenticity of a part/component

–          Anti-Theft

–          Counterfeit Deterrence

–          Parts marking brand protection

–          Evidence Tracking

Invariable barcodes are usually paired with numbering for easier identification of products or documents in the event that a barcode scanner is not available.

Companies who want to have their forms and labels to be customized with variable barcodes and numbering can easily get some made for the by a printing company that offers variable-data printing services. Variable-data printing is a form of digital printing which involves elements that may be changed from one printed material to the next. These elements maybe images, texts, graphics, numbers, or basically anything that a client requires especially if it is an on-demand printing job.

The printing costs for documents which have variable barcodes and numbering is actually pretty cheap especially if you get it from a company that offers reasonable rates. Though, you need to be careful when looking for cheap deals on this kind of printing service since you might end up getting forms that has mediocre quality. The best thing for you to avoid this it to make sure that you check out both the reputation of a company first. Doing business with a reputable printing company which is already trusted by a lot of customers gives you some assurance that you will get the best value for the money that you have invested on them.

One of the best options that you have to get some high quality variable-data printing at a very affordable price is Go ahead and check them out right now. It will surely be worth your time!


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