Month: February 2014

Pin Feed Paper: Where and How to Find Cheap Deals

Pin Feed paper is surprisingly still a relevant type of paper supply for businesses. This is remarkable actually since a lot of people have expected it to become obsolete especially when the more advanced machines for printing were introduced in the market.  The main things that have helped pin feed paper to survive amidst the constant advancements in the printing technology was probably because of its reliability.  Dot Matrix printers, a type of printer that uses this special type of paper have already earned the confidence of business owners due to its reliability especially when printing a large number of documents.


The best thing about dot matrix printers is that it rarely jams when it is at work. This printing machine has rotating sprocket wheels inside so that the perforations on the pin feed paper can engage with it, thus allowing it to continuously print documents without any problems. The new printers which are sold in the market right now are actually also reliable and obviously scores higher in terms of functionality. But to most entrepreneurs who value practicality over anything else, the dot matrix printer is still the best option out there.

One of the main difficulties faced by companies that own dot matrix printers is finding a supplier that can provide them with the high quality pin feed that they need at a price that their budgets can afford.  The documents which are printed using this type of paper are those really important ones that the company issues every single day. Having a supplier that can provide them with the steady stream of blank paper that they need seems the best option and it even gets more attractive if they can get it at a really low price too.

Finding cheap but high quality continuous computer paper is actually a serious concern for companies right now. Getting that kind of deal is actually very easy especially if they know where and how to find them such deals in the market.

Here are some tips that you can use when you are shopping for this type of paper:

Tip One:  Ask Around – the best source of information about the best deals for a certain product of service is still other people. If you have some friends who are also running a business that uses forms, it would be wise for you to ask them to point you to a supplier that may offer you an awesome deal. This will absolutely make the hunt easier for you.


Tip Two:  Read Online Reviews and Forums – if you don’t get information from actual people, then your next best bet to get the information that you need is by reading online reviews and forums. Reading about another business owners experience and as well as his comments regarding the price, products, and service of a certain supplier is certainly something that you can use as a basis whether you are going to check out or completely disregard that company.


Tip Three: Compare prices – comparing the prices that are offered by the Pin Feed Paper suppliers is a proven and tested way to find the best deals in the market. The best way to do it is to make a list of the most reputable companies and ask all of them for a quote or take a look at their price for the 5 part paper that you are going to order.  When you are making your choice, don’t just pick the one that can products you the cheapest carbon-less forms, but also high quality products and great customer service. 

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All You Need to Know About Dot Matrix Paper

Dot matrix paper is a special type of paper which is exclusively used for dot matrix printers. This type of printer belongs to the family of impact printers and it makes use of a matrix of pins that presses on an ink ribbon to leave a mark made out of pixels or dots that make up a larger image. Dot matrix printers are mainly used by businesses to produce copies of either carbon or carbon-less documents that have fine prints and graphics on them. This device is being used by almost every type of business regardless of their size to print out and make copies of important documents such as invoices and report forms.

Companies that use this type of machine always make sure that they have a steady supply of paper to use for it. It is absolutely vital that dot matrix paper should be used for this type of printer in order to make sure that it performs exactly how it is supposed to. The perforations that you see on dot matrix paper are actually made for the rotating sprocket wheels inside the printer to allow unhindered printing. Basically, if you use a well-conditioned dot matrix paper and use it to print on high quality dot matrix paper, you will be able to print thousands of documents without having to stop because of a paper jam.  This is why it is imperative that companies that use this type of machine should find a reliable company that can supply them with the dot matrix paper that they need.


A lot of business owners actually have a problem with its name. This is because this type of paper is called with different names. Buyers, especially the first time ones would get confused over the names: continuous paper, pin feed paper, tractor feed paper, okidata paper, dot matrix paper and fan fold paper. All of these names actually describe the exact same one, and if you use any of them when making a purchase, you would end up with the same thing.

It is also possible to add more features to the dot matrix paper that you are going to use for your business so that it would be perfect for its purpose. If a single ply dot matrix paper will not work, you can order one that has multiple pages. The page count starts from 2 parts up to any number that you want given that the supplier that you are doing business with is capable of providing you with it.


It is also possible to add more features to the dot matrix paper that you are going to use for your business so that it would be perfect for its purpose. If a single ply dot matrix paper will not work, you can order one that has multiple pages. The page count starts from 2 parts up to any number that you want given that the supplier that you are doing business with is capable of providing you with it.


Aside from increasing the number of pages you can also ask the supplier to provide you with a dot matrix paper with other additional features such as: glueing, additional perforations, numbering, custom colors, koboflexing, file holes and more. If you need a batch of dot matrix paper that has a lot of features, it would be best for you to get it from an established supplier because there is a chance that they can really provide you with the specific type of paper that you need.


Business owners that make use of dot matrix paper for their everyday operations feel the need to find a supplier that will not just provide them with high quality paper, but also one that has good turnaround time and reasonable prices. Some would say that this is an impossible deal to find in the market right now or if there is, finding it would be extremely hard. Those assumptions are completely wrong.  It is actually possible to find the perfect deal in dot matrix paper if you know where and how to look for them. You can learn a lot about how you can get such deal by reading this article.

Variable Barcodes and Numbering For the Forms and Labels That You Use In Your Company

The invention and application of a fully systematic way of using barcodes and numbering have made the lives of manufacturers, distributors and retailers a lot easier. You could only imagine that back then, when these systems were still not used by businesses, the owners probably had severe headaches when they were trying to keep track of their products. But right now that problem is already non-existent. Business owners will never have to worry about having a hard time in tracking the location or the flow of their products and it’s all because the barcodes and numbering system.

Barcode tag (fabricated mock up)

Variable barcodes and numbering are actually being applied in different areas depending on which industry it is being used. But commonly they are being used in the production line, distribution, retail, and also in checking for the supply and demand of a certain product.

Production Line– a component of a product or even the product itself will be issued a barcode and or a number as it progresses down the production line. On fully automated production lines, the barcode is constantly scanned so that the computer system will be able to monitor its progress until it is ready for distribution.  Aside from that, the barcode also helps a manufacturer to have an accurate record of the quantity of the products which they have manufactured including the exact time and date in which they were manufactured.

Distribution– without barcodes it would be impossible for a computer system to lorry boxes or even crates of products which are up for distribution especially if it is large scale. Another essential purpose of barcodes is that it contains information such as the allocated address of a retailer or an individual customer thus making the distributor more efficient in delivering products.  They also help a lot in easier tracking of the products while they are on transit.     

Retail – One of main purpose of barcodes in the retail process is that it simplifies the sales process. The best example of how they are applied is when a check out operator scans the bar code on each product to register its price on the computer.


Supply and Demand – the barcodes on products or on forms issued on each transaction of a business is also the primary tool used by companies to know which items or services are selling the most. In terms of products, the barcodes on them are used by the business owners which ones are selling good and should be replenished right away.

Forms with numbers are barcodes are widely used by companies all over the world for the sole purpose of simplifying how the track of almost everything that happens in the business, be it the sales that they make or the transaction that they were able to make in a specified period of time. But the application of forms which are custom printed with variable barcodes and numbering is absolutely not limited to that. They can actually be used at anything that a business owner wants.

Another example of how forms with variable barcode and numbering are applied in business is for security purposes.

Here are the common security capabilities of barcodes:

–          Anti-tampering of products

–          Prevent duplication of important documents

–          Verification of original products

–          Verification of the authenticity of a part/component

–          Anti-Theft

–          Counterfeit Deterrence

–          Parts marking brand protection

–          Evidence Tracking

Invariable barcodes are usually paired with numbering for easier identification of products or documents in the event that a barcode scanner is not available.

Companies who want to have their forms and labels to be customized with variable barcodes and numbering can easily get some made for the by a printing company that offers variable-data printing services. Variable-data printing is a form of digital printing which involves elements that may be changed from one printed material to the next. These elements maybe images, texts, graphics, numbers, or basically anything that a client requires especially if it is an on-demand printing job.

The printing costs for documents which have variable barcodes and numbering is actually pretty cheap especially if you get it from a company that offers reasonable rates. Though, you need to be careful when looking for cheap deals on this kind of printing service since you might end up getting forms that has mediocre quality. The best thing for you to avoid this it to make sure that you check out both the reputation of a company first. Doing business with a reputable printing company which is already trusted by a lot of customers gives you some assurance that you will get the best value for the money that you have invested on them.

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